Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Creative Thanksgiving

I want to wish all of my Canadian friends a happy Thanksgiving :)
I had my family over tonight for a yummy turnkey dinner.
I cooked a 8kg (17.6 lb) turkey and 4.5 kg (10 lbs) of potatoes for my family of 13 :)
Ashley did a photo shoot, while the family was all together :)

Even though I was cooking and cleaning today, I still had time to craft :)
Remember my "Memo Board" I had altered ?
I needed a holder for my marker
Then I saw this clip on the side of my fridge and thought it would be perfect!!
It would work great, but not to pretty…...

I grabbed a scrap of pretty paper.
I punched out a circle and then inked the edges with distress ink.
Now it is pretty just like this….but…….

But I know just the thing to pretty it up even more :)

I have quiet a few flair badges.
I seem to hoard them more than use them.
But decided this would be a great project to use one on, as I get to keep it and look at it all of the time, teehee.

What to choose, what to choose?
I opted for this mini flair designed and gifted to me by Elise from "Feed your Craft"
I thought it was perfect for my memo board marker holder.

What do you think?
Cute and functional, wouldn't you say :)

I hope you all had a very creative day and if you celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, hope you enjoyed time with your family :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blogger Out of Order, due to Zombies

This blogger has given herself up to the Walking Dead tonight ;)

I have been so excited for tonight…..I can hardly contain myself.
Tonight is the new season of The Walking Dead!!!!
I have been watching the marathon (I can probably recite this show word for word, lol) the last few days and can't wait to see the new episode tonight.
Every Sunday night I watch the new episode, then I watch the Talking Dead, then I re-watch the episode I had just watched…once or sometimes even twice.

Some (like my daughters) may think I'm obsessed….others just get me ;)

I hope you all had a very creative day today :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

My day in photos...home edition, the curio cabinet

 Luna enjoyed the view this morning.
She loves and gets very excited watching the birds in the feeder.
Today was the opening weekend of hunting season, so while Wayne was hunting, I totally cleaned out my curio cabinet. 
I wanted a change. 

I took out all of the girl ornaments, dolls, my wedding China and more out of here. 
I dusted it all off and packed what l'm not ready to donate yet. 

During this time (as it took waaaay longer then I thought it would) Wayne came home, turned on the football game and we enjoyed some Chinese food in front of the tv. 

We switched between the game and the Walking Dead marathon. 
Not the best photo as it is so shiny from me obsessively cleaning the glass and mirror, lol. 

I filled my cabinet with my dad's and our old cameras. 
I also seem to collect added some of those as well. 
I love how it turned out!! 

I hope you all had a creative day :) 

Tracy :). 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Night Scrapbooking Begins!!!!

Tonight is FNS!!!
It seems like forever since I had my group of ladies here to scrapbook :)
To start the day off on the right creative foot, my friend Sharon, came by and picked me up for an early morning shopping trip to Michaels.

It is always an open invitation when I have these nights :)
I know a few ladies are squeezing in the last of their camping season.
Tomorrow is the start of hunting season, so that is why we always close up the cottage when we do.

Off to put away my new purchases and get the table ready for my friends.
I hope you all had a very Creative Day :)
Oh by the way…this is a card I had made a while ago, when I was on the LBBS Design Team. Click the link if you want more details on this card "Crafting with Miss Lilly" :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Smokin' Boots

Ohhhhhh look at these sexy boots!!!
Should I or shouldn't I?!?

Had a little visit to Michael's.
You would think that after my major creative shopping spree last month that I shouldn't even walk into a craft store……but…...
Found some new Heidi Swapp washi tape…we all need more washi right?

Stopped into McFrugal's and picked up a couple of stamps..each were under $2.00, how could I not?!

Stopped off at Dollarama and couldn't resist these candy dots :)
I have a project I want to do with these huge google eyes…not that I would get it done this year, lol.

Oh and if you are wondering….yes, those boots came home with me, teehee.

What really sold me on these boots was a text I received from Ashley after I showed her the above photo…asking her "Should I?"
Here response " Those are cute, yes you should!"
"Wear them with all black and a nice scarf with that colour in it"
Then I went back a got them.
I was telling the sales girl about the text.
The sales girl states "I bet you both wear the same size"
Good play Ashley, good play.

I had a great day….I was suppose to clean and decorate for Fall…but instead, I went for lunch with Ashley's MIL, then we went shopping.
Always a great time when we get together :)

I hope you all had a creative day :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Colours of Fall

The colours of Fall.
This is Mount McKay.
I have always wanted to hike this mountain, but have yet to try it.

Today was a day spent cleaning the house….mostly windows.
I like to wash them, inside and out, before the snow comes.
I also always vacuum the screens a couple times a year.

I hope you all had a very creative day :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Fauxbonichi's monthly pages

Ok, Ok, I know I said I was caught up…but in my procrastinating life, I was ;)
I am now finally into October in my Fauxbonichi :)
Here is my monthly page :)
I love the colour combination I used here, and had fun playing with my washi tape :)
I just have to write my goals on the left hand side of the page and I'm good to start living in October, teehee.

Here are my 1st couple of days :)
Don't you just love the look and feel of a crisp clean page :)
I added my header, dates and washi tape to all of this month's pages.
I added sticker numbers, instead of my stamps, and I really like the boldness to them :)
Now to decorate and journal.

One of my goals this year was to try not to be such a procrastinator… you can see, totally failed at that goal, lol.
When I did Book-keeping, I was always working in the month that just passed, so that is what I am blaming my being behind on….at least thats my story and I'm stickin' to it, lol.

I hope you all had a very creative day :)

Tracy :)