Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out.
If you are familiar with me and my friends, then you already know that we like to celebrate our birthday's with dinner and a movie out.
Last Saturday was Lynne's birthday (middle gal on the left), so she choose today for her night out.
She wanted to go to Boston Pizza, but it was over an hour and a half wait for a table, so we went to Applebees instead.

Then it was movie time :)
Lynne picked Focus…I thought it was really good.

Here we are after the show.
Denise and I are laughing as she is trying to steal my wallet. I think she thought watching the movie turned her into a professional thief,  lol.
Mind you, she did steal my belt off of my jacket, lol.

Thank you to the man who took our photo :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Getting ready for a new month

Guess what I am doing today?
I am making my calendar in my fauxbonichi :)
Colour choice for this month…purple.
I don't think I had enough purple washi tape….I had to do double or triple of the same tapes for this month…oh my, lol.

Now that the layout is complete…time for the fun part…decorating :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

February Fauxbonichi Flip

I have been working hard on my fauxbonichi the last week or so.
As I have shared before, I was behind in my "Art Blocks" in my pages.
I am pretty good with keeping up with my journaling…or else Kristy gets on my case, teehee.
But my art blocks seem to be lacking….wait until I tell you what I had to do for March ;)

Look…see all of those red hearts….they are the days that I did over 10,000 steps in one day :)
I do notice that the days Wayne is home, I don't seem to get as many steps in….I guess those are my rest days, lol.

I did a flip of my journal for February…nothing like being behind.
If you would rather watch my video on my YouTube channel just click on the link "Tracy's Treasures24"
I hope you all had a very Creative Day.
I am enjoying my Walking Dead marathon :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dictionary Art

You all have been very intrigued on why I wanted an old dictionary.
Well today you find out, lol.

I found this old dictionary at the thrift store…which at even $3.00 was too much to pay, lol.
As you can see it doesn't have a front cover.

Here is the back cover…which I love the feel and vintage look to it.
But it is falling apart :(
Heather suggested I make my own cover for it…and make it into a hard cover.
Which I know how to do, but just want to work in it.

But what sold me on the, too high of price, dictionary are the inside pages.
I really really love the yellowed papers…..even though they are close to following out of the book, lol.

Tonight I did my first page.
I took a word from the dictionary "nest" and stamped my image.
Most people draw their images, but because that is not one of my strong points and I have a lot of stamps, I decided to stamp my image.
The paper is very porous and the ink (Archival)  not only sunk into the paper, it also seemed to bleed a bit.
I then used my Stampin' Up markers to colour in the image.
I added the colour on an acrylic block and picked it up with my wet paint brush.
I also did some line work because the ink made the image look like it smeared.
I had to draw the tree as there was another image on that page that took away from my stamp, so I decided to colour over it and make it look like a tree.

Even though the tree looks like an arm that needs its underpits shaved, lol.
I think I will try and draw my next image and maybe it will look more clear…we will see.

Thank you all so much for joining me today, I hope you all had a very Creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Received my 1st Pocket Letter

I received a Pocket Letter today!!!!!
This beautiful piece of art is from Elise from "Feed Your Craft"
Thank you so much Elise, I was so excited, I think I may have yelled and jumped up and down ;)
Look how pretty this is :)

This was one of the cutest cards… this one is so adorable and put a smile on my face when I opened it. How cute is this little envelope, plus she stitched on it  :)
I loved reading the note and the Mail Tag….and of course the Right Now card.
Have to say we have the same taste in television shows "Walking Dead" and music "Imagine Dragons".

Elise even gave me some of her custom made flair.
I love it…so me.
You know I love my to do lists :)

Thank you so much Elise, you totally made my day,  put a huge smile on my face and made it brighter on this snowy yucky day :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Day today :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy 20th Birthday Kristy

Today is my baby Kristy's 20th Birthday.
Seriously where did the time go.
All of my girls are all grown up now :(
As sad as that is to me, I am so proud of the women they chose to be.
They are loving, compassionate and all have such a great sense of humour.
Can you tell I love my girls <3 p="">

It is tradition that whomever is celebrating a birthday, gets to choose where to have their birthday meal.
Kristy chose The Keg.
I found it funny as it was either The Key or Sweet G's for pancakes, lol.
I guess a steak dinner won out.

Kristy is the baker in the family.
So Ashley and Heather made Kristy's cake.
Heather baked it and Ashley decorated it….see the "20" in the icing.

I hung streamers at her bedroom door again this year.
I got up early and put them up when Wayne was getting ready for work..then I headed back to bed.
Kristy knew I had done this, because she heard Luna playing with them, lol.
I hope you had a wonderful 20th Birthday Kristy :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dictionary Search

I love book stores.
But I really love used book stores.
I was looking for an old hard covered Dictionary today, in our one and only used book store.
Even though this whole top row is full of Dictionaries, none of them suited my needs.

You may be asking yourself, now why the heck would Tracy want an old dictionary, when she could have the app on her phone?
Which by the way I do, and I use it quite frequently ;)
I had seen a couple of page on Pinterest, where someone or a few someone's had drew in their bibles.
I don't follow any type of religion, but I loved this idea.
Felicia from my Fauxbonichi FB group had posted she wanted to try this in a dictionary.
I thought ..brilliant…then I thought…now why didn't I think of that, lol.
Then remembered far far far back in my mind….I did see them on dictionary pages, but totally forgot until she shared on the FB group.
I can only fit so much in this brain of mine, teehee.

So now all I need to do is find an old dictionary to try my hand with this type of art.
I really like the first set of books in the photo, but they are a set of 3 with part of the alphabet in each book.
I really don't want to work in 3 books.
So the search continues :)

I hope you had a very Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)