Friday, December 19, 2014

Friend Tradition

This may sound like an odd tradition to some.
Every year my friend/SIL Sharon and I are usually finished our Christmas shopping by now and head to the mall.
Not to shop but to enjoy watching everyone else hustle and bustle through the stores, all while we sit and enjoy our, hot chocolate for me, coffee for her, and we bask in the knowledge that we are finished with our shopping….yes, we have a bit of a sick sense of humour, lol.

We didn't make it to the mall this year, for one thing there wasn't anywhere to park.
But we did enjoy our early dinner….had to beat the dinner rush ;)
Every year since I can remember, Sharon and I go to Swiss Chalet for the festive special.
Sharon had a coupon for this cheese bread appetizer.
Oh my goodness this is a heart attack waiting to happen, look at all the butter on the plate.
But it was ohhhh soooo good.
Sharon doesn't like tomatoes or green onions, so I loaded up, that counts as a vegetable…right?!

Tonight was Friday Night Scrapbooking, but we cut it short.
As Sharon and I were both colouring, we were also yawning away.
She left at 8:00 as she was so tired, lol.
Wayne couldn't believe she had left so soon, she usually stays until at least 11:00.

I hope you all had a Creative Friday :)
I did colour up a few images, even though it was a short evening.

Tracy :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Sneak Peek at my Journal

I love adding washi tape to the edges of my pages.
I know you want to see the journal I am working in.
I am not quite ready to share the inside of it yet…but soon, I promise :)

But what I will tell you is that I needed a journal to hold at least a whole year.
I usually jump right in to something and then later, let it slide.
So this time I decided to give it a trial run.
I had this planner already and it fit 2 months.
Perfect…..I can start the brand new journal in the new year :)

I was at the vet a bit earlier to pick up Luna.
But they let me take her anyway :)
Heather and I stayed home all day to keep an eye on Luna.
I brought up her litter box and shut the door going downstairs.
Not only was she spayed, she was also de-clawed.
Now before you all go judging, and telling me what an awful pet owner I am for getting this done.
If we didn't get her de-clawed, we wouldn't have adopted her.
So (even the vet agreed) give her a loving home or not….Give her a loving home was the winner.

Luna loves to go on the top of the cupboards during dinner to be with us.
Whenever we are in the kitchen this is where she goes.
I was scared she would try today and I didn't want her to hurt herself.
So I gave her some soft food (a treat for her) as we ate, hoping to deter her from going up there.
It didn't work.
When she was ready to come down, I tried to help her, as I was scared she would rip a stitch.
Well she wouldn't have none of that and got down just fine on her own.
I guess the stairs won't be a problem for her :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Thursday :)
Oh by the way, I found my mini inks.
They were on the converted pool table, front and centre.
I looked there twice yesterday, lol

Tracy :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Early Morning with Luna

My day started out early…too early.
Of course the early morning snow plow was out, so Wayne shovelled for me..but I have a 4x4, so I would have just rammed it over that little snow bank ;)
The reason for the early morning outing……our Luna had to get spayed today :(
She is an indoor cat, but the agreement we signed in order to adopt her, was that we had to agree to get her spayed.
Mind you, we would have got her spayed even without the agreement.

When I got back home went home for a nap…I am not a morning person.
I later brought Kristy to work and had some mail to drop off at Ashley's.
Ashley was at work, so I made myself at home when I got to her place.
I enjoyed my lunch and  drank her one and only can of Coke, teehee.
I also enjoyed some loving from her kitty, Sebastian  :)

Kristy got off work at supper.
Even though I had dinner cooking in the oven, when I saw a sign for Deep Fried Pickles at Pizza Pizza…I just had to try them.
I honestly tried to talk myself out of getting them, especially since I had dinner at home.
But I was still waiting for Kristy and I had a great parking spot right beside Pizza Pizza…and well, I already ruined my healthy day with a Coke, so what the heck, right ;).
I have to say they were flippin delicious!!!

The vets office said they were going to phone me with how Luna was doing.
I couldn't wait any longer and phoned them.
They told me she is doing well, and I can pick her up at 1:00 tomorrow.
When I told them that I missed her and want her home now, they told me I could come and get her at noon tomorrow….I think I may go even earlier than that ;)

I hope you all have had a Creative Day :)
I was hoping to work in my journal tonight, but I have been searching for my mini inks.
I have looked everywhere…but I bet they are right in front of me.

Tracy :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Burnt Nipples

Yes you read that correctly.
I was going to make these Pretzel Hugs today.
I guess I left them in there a bit too long, as you can see, they got a tad overcooked.
I thought that even though they were a bit over cooked, maybe they would still taste okay.
Nope, they were pretty hard….even though Wayne still ate a couple and said they were fine.
This guy never complains about my cooking, lol.

Now let me show you the steps on how to make them properly.
First tip….don't walk away from the oven ;)
Put all of the pretzels on parchment paper on a cookie sheet (or baking sheet)
You can also use regular pretzels, I like these square ones, as they are fun.

Then unwrap a heck of a lot of these hugs chocolates.
Like the money shot ;)

Place one hug chocolate on each pretzel.

Another money shot…haven't you missed those ;)

Set your oven at 200 heat these up for about 6 minutes.
Now here comes the hard part…don't leave the oven.
Watch that the chocolate softens, it doesn't melt flat.
Then take them out of the oven and put a candy on the top and flatten out the chocolate as you do this.
Oh by the way…..these are Kristy's
I got a bit upset with mine, so I took a can of Coke and watched a movie ;)

I did make an awesome pulled chicken for supper in the crock pot.
I also made 5 minute fudge after supper.
So I think I redeemed myself from the burnt nipples, that I threw in the garbage by the way ;)

I hope you all had a very Creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

My Faux Chocolate Turtles

Every year I make home made "Chocolate Turtles".
My friend Myra and I have been making them for over 10 years now.
This year we had a bit of trouble finding a day that worked for us, plus Myra wasn't feeling up to par.
So I told her not don't worry about it, we will try again next year :)
I have my own chocolate moulds and could have made them by myself, but I guess my heart just wasn't in it this year.

So I came up with a much easier idea.
I had pinned this recipe long ago, but when I saw that Lisa had made them, I just had to give them a go this year :)
These are so quick and easy.
Place a rolo on a pretzel…I used these fun square pretzels :)

After putting them in the oven for 3 minutes at 350, add a pecan to the centre and push slightly to squish the roll down.

Seriously, these taste as good as they look :)
I also put them in the freezer to solidify so I could package them up.

I know my dad and step-mom are going to be a bit disappointed that they aren't going to receive my turtles this year.
But that is how life works out sometimes.
Maybe I can trick them by putting the Rolo chocolates in these cute gingerbread boxes I bought from Dollarama, teehee.

I hope you all had a Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Over my Limit

Today was a perfect relaxing Sunday…perfect, except for no Walking Dead.

Wayne and I vegged out all day :)
He played video games and in between letting the video game system cool down, we would watch a movie :)
I was happy to have my crafty supplies surround me while I worked on my personal journal :)
Because Wayne took over the living room table with his gaming TV, I used a tv table to work on :)
I also enjoyed 2 cans of Coca- Cola ;)

About my photo:
I took this photo the same day I went on my photo walk.
It is sitting on a bench in our side yard.
Wayne found this sign a few years ago by an old building buried in the dirt when he was bulldozing.
He knows that Ashley and I collect Coke memorabilia so brought it home for us.
I love it, even though one side of it is missing, I think it just gives it more character :)
Do you have a special collection?
Besides crafty supplies ;)

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)
Oh ya, remember that game that took 21 hours for Wayne to download…he completed it today.
It took 21 hours to update, 8 hours to complete, lol
But there are harder levels he can play ;)

Tracy :)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Paper Snowflakes

Look at all the pretty snowflakes :)
I punched all of these out last night during Friday Night Scrapbooking.
I wanted to use them on my gift card holders.

When I made my Christmas cards, I used Stampin' Up's texture paper…which I love, and used my Cricut to cut out a sheet of snowflakes.
I had a lot of good paper left in between the snowflakes made by my Cricut, and I just couldn't throw it away.
So I got out my Martha Stewart snowflake punch and went to town ;)
The results in the photo above.

My plan was to have red gift card holders and have the snowflakes sprinkled around the GC holder.
As you can see, my orderly personality wouldn't allow for that, lol.
So then I thought….okay, I will still use the snowflakes on some of the GC holders, but I can only use papers from my scrap folders.
Success :)

I usually take my crafty photos in my craft room with the door closed…bet you can't imagine why, lol.

I can not tell you how many times I had to re-set up these Gift card holders.
I think after the 10th plus time, I moved into my craft room and shut the door.
Luna looks like she is really enjoying herself doesn't she?

And then she looks up at me with this adorable face as if to say…Am I disturbing you?

Onto My Day:
Al of my daughters had today off, so they wanted to spend the day together.
So Wayne and I drove Heather and Kristy to Ashley's house, then we picked up a bit of lunch for ourselves and a little treat for later on ;)

Wayne bought himself an XBox One. I was going to get that for him for Christmas.
I swear he always buys himself something before Christmas.
It took over 18 hours for his game system to load up.
So just a tip, if you got one of these game systems for your children, as Wayne is one at heart.
Maybe start it up before Christmas, then wrap it, or prepare the little tykes for a long wait before they get to actually play a game.

I spent most of my day working in my journal…and checking out the internet.
Actually I think I spent more time running downstairs to get supplies I wanted for my journal, lol.

I hope you all had a wonderful and Creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)