Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wedding Video

I thought I would share Ashley & Tyler's Wedding Video with you.

Ashley & Tyler
Please watch in HDAshley & Tyler's wedding was so beautiful! I am so excited to be able to share the day with them. Everything about the day was perfect. The decorations were beautiful, Ashley and Tyler both looked so amazing, and the weather turned out so great! Congratulations to you two again!
Posted by Sunny Creek Studio Videography on Monday, August 24, 2015

Because I wanted to live in the moment, and live this special moment through my eyes and not the lens of a camera, I don't have many photos of certain parts of the wedding.
I have been collecting photos of those who took them.
And of course because I was walking Ashley down the isle, I couldn't get any photos, or photos of the family together.
The photos from the Photographer will be a while yet.

I will share some photos on another post.
But in the mean time…enjoy the video created by Sunny Creek Studio Videography :)

I was in my friend's driveway, when I received a text from Ashley saying that the video was up.
Of course I couldn't wait, so watched it in my jeep in her driveway.
All the time, crying my eyes out.

I hope you enjoy :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blogger busy with Zombies

I have been excited about this new series as soon as I heard about it!!!!

And tonight is finally the night.
I am so looking forward to watching this.
So we prepped for the evening by watching "Dawn of the Dead" the original and the remake.
As well as making a 7 layer taco dip and drinking a couple cans of Coke, teehee.

I hope you all had a great creative weekend :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My day in Photos....Cottage edition

Relaxing at the cottage…now this is the life :)
When I saw Wayne's and my hat on the table with our sunglasses on the front of them…it put a smile on my face for some reason :)

I didn't go for my regular walks today…I was a bit lazy.
But I did go for a couple of short walks and one (well 2, as I forgot to bring my phone to take photos with the first time) to the river.
So peaceful taking walks here.
This is our playground, teehee.
There are many trails, roads and a few gravel pits here near our camp.
This is one of the pits.

Wayne likes to make me routes or obstacle courses around them. 
This doesn't look too bad now does it.
I was easy enough to go up it…..
But going down…was a different story, lol.
It wasn't high, but it was steep…like straight down.
I couldn't see where the gravel pile ended and the ground began….
But if Wayne can do it so can I, lol.
I got out and picked a few blueberries today.
The picking wasn't as good as a couple of weeks ago.
It would have probably been good picking last weekend….but I had a wedding to attend, teehee.

I hope you enjoyed spending the day with me… hope it was creative :)

Tracy :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

My Dress for the Wedding

Here is my "Mother of the Bride" dress.
Not as exciting as Ashley's dress though, teehee

When looking for a dress, I was worried about getting a dark colour, as the bridesmaids were all in soft pink, and I didn't want to pop out in the photos.
But then Ashley (and Tyler's mom) reassured me that a dark colour would be just fine.

I think it actually compliemented the colours in the wedding.
Now to get the photos from the photographer to see if that was the case.

Now I have a story on this dress.
As you know I was shopping and tried on a zillion dresses.
Check out these posts if you want to see the rejected dresses "Dress Shopping"and "More Dress Shopping"

 I wanted something simple, pretty and age appropriate that didn't make me look like too old or too young ;)
Try to describe that in one word, lol.
Karen (Tyler's mom) and went shopping at a few stores, over 2 days.
In the last store we went to, they only ordered in dresses, but did have 2 "buy off the rack" with a few  dresses.
I had seen this dress on the rack, I loved the colour and liked the style…but it was a few sizes too big.
But tried it on anyway.
Once Karen clamped the back of the dress, I thought it looked great.
Karen loved it on me!!!

As I changed back into my regular clothes I took a look at the price tag and almost screamed.
When I came out of the changing room, I told Karen that I was getting this dress…even if it wasn't THE dress.
She looked confused then asked the price of the dress.
Hope you are sitting down…..it was 95.5% off….it came to $10.00.
No I didn't put the decimal in the wrong space.
I called my SIL Darlene, to see if she would help me alter it as it was too big.
When she came over and saw that it was a designer dress, she was a bit leery of cutting into it…so I did the cutting, lol.

This photo is after we completed all of the alterations :)
Don't mind the witch hair and no make up…..this wasn't suppose to go on my blog, but this is the only photo I have of me in the full dress.

What is a pretty dress without some killer heels :)
So off to do some more shopping…..I forgot how fun clothes shopping can be…I usually just go craft shopping, lol.

But seriously how gorgeous are these shoes!!!!
I had to get those clear plugs to put on the spiked heels so they wouldn't sink in the ground for the wedding ceremony.
But after that I took the plugs off and danced all night.
Yes, I danced all night in these shoes….and believe me, my feet felt like I had for 3 days after, lol.

Now that you have seen all of my daughters and myself in our pretty dresses, I have to share with you my handsome husband.
Notice that his tie and hankie match my dress :)
I kept singing the Justin Timberlake song "Suit and Tie" to Wayne and telling him that he was bringing sexy back, lol.
He just shook his head and looked at me oddly…..but that isn't anything new ;)

I will give you a break from all of the wedding posts for a few days as we are off to the cottage.
Time for some quad riding and blueberry picking :)

I hope you all had a very creative day.

Tracy :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Its all about the Dress…or dresses!!!

Here is the photos you have all been patiently waiting on….the Wedding Dress.

Isn't this dress gorgeous….almost as gorgeous as the bride herself.
I love the lace overlay!!

Look how beautifully it fans out around Ashley.

Sooooo pretty!!!!!

It has a corset back.
Oops, I took this photo before tucking in the ties.
She didn't like it tied in a bow at the back…so we tucked it into the bottom of the corset.

I didn't want to live this special event through the lens of my camera…I wanted to live in the moment and take in every second.
So these next few photos are from when the dress was purchased.

Look at the back of Ashley's dress….stunning.

The train on here is gorgeous….and that lace detail, I have no words.

Ashley didn't like the jewel detail on the waist, so when she got it altered, she had asked to get it removed.
At first I was like…but it is so pretty….but I think she made an excellent choice.

And because Ashley likes to be exciting…and we all know how much she loves her shoes…she had to pick some fun ones for her big day.

About a week before the wedding Ashley informed me that she purchased another dress to wear after dinner.
It was also a very pretty dress.

Another beautiful train and the lace detail on the arms so very pretty.

Here is a close up of the lace detail.
And the pretty floral headpiece I had made to go along with the look of this dress.

As you can see, there wasn't a veil.
I did make one, but then we realized that the tulle on the veil was a pure crisp white, where Ashley's dress was a soft white.
And the difference was noticeable.
Lets take one last look at my beautiful daughter on her wedding day in her dress.

I keep reliving this day over and over.
It was such a special day, and it went perfectly.

I hope you all had a creative day today.

Tracy :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Bridesmaids Dresses

Ashley found the most fun dresses for her girls.

They are convertible wrap dresses.
Each of the girls played around (way before the wedding day) on how they would like to wear their dresses.
And each girl wore it differently.
If I was on the ball, I would have taken a few close up photos on how each of the girl wore their dress.
I went there with pins in my hand to make sure nothing was showing that they didn't want to show, teehee.
I think each girl had a few pins in their dresses to hide their bra straps or pinned for a different look.
Only 2 of the girls needed me to hem up their dresses…Kristy and Janus :)

I just love this photo of Ashley and Janus.

Ashley and Tyler decided to spend the night in one of the cabins that Chippewa rents out…so nice as it was nice and close to get ready in.

Ashley was changing into some undergarments here….or unchanging as we were experiencing a heat wave here.
This was the hottest day of the year.

I love that Ashley peeked her head out for me to sneak a photo of her.

On the way to Chippewa, I was putting up some signs that we had made to direct the guest to the correct location.
The ground was so hard I couldn't hammer the signs in.
So I used my (GASP) sewing scissors that I had with me (in case I needed to fix any of the girls dresses) to make a hole into the ground.
Now you may think nothing of this…but these are my sewing scissors!!!
I don't even use these on paper!!
Ashley must know how much I love her to have done this!!

You can see a bit of my hair here.
I had long loose curls and some of my hair was pinned lightly in the back.
Before the other girls were done at the hair salon, my curls had all fallen.
The hairstylist re-curled my hair and added another bottle of hairspray to it.
But as you can see from this photo, it fell again, lol.
I wasn't going to have my hair pinned back, but good thing I did, at least it looked like I had done Something to it, lol.

Oh well, it wasn't about me that day anyway :)
Tomorrow…..the wedding dress :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting Ready…Hair & Makeup

Look at these beautiful girls.
They are all so sweet.

I will introduce them from the left to the right :)
This first beautiful girl is my middle daughter Heather.
The lady next to Heather is Lia. Lia is Ashley's maid of honour and has known her since primary school.
Then is the Stunning Bride to Be, Ashley, the star of the day.
Next to Ashley is Lisa, they have known each other since collage and love to do photography together.
Then is my youngest beautiful daughter Kristy.
And last but definitely not least is Janus. Ashley and Janus became quick friends at work.
I can not say enough about these beautiful ladies, they helped make the wedding what it was.

It is all about the locks…and look at them!!!

Ashley has the most luscious thick hair that I have ever seen…sadly, she didn't inherit that from me.

 I just love how her hair looks and couldn't take enough photos of it.
Isn't this loose braid across her hair just so fun.

Now look at how long her hair is…and this is with curl!!

Ashley was pretty open to what she wanted done with the girl's hair…all she asked was for then all to have some type of braid.

Here is the back of Janus's hair.
She didn't realize until the day before, that she was to pick a style that she liked…I think she picked a really pretty hairstyle.

This is the one that Lia choose.
These are the only 2 with an updo, the rest of the girls, including myself and Karen (the groom's mom) all had our hair down.

We went to "Karma" to get our hair done.

These lovely ladies are the ones who worked their magic on us.
The salon was closed just for the wedding party…..how special was that!!!

Now time for makeup :)

Karma opened their salon, not only to us, but to the make up artist as well….It was so nice to get everything done in one place and not feel rushed.

Heather not only did her own hair, she also did Kristys.

Heather never..and I mean NEVER wears make up.
She was pretty nervous about getting hers done.
I just told her to tell the make up artist that you don't wear make up and to keep it light…..I think Heather was pretty happy with the results :)

Kristy doesn't have her braid done yet, but make up is complete.

Considering these girls are gorgeous on their own, the make up artist did great to enhance their beauty.
Look at my babies, so beautiful.

Maid of Honour's completed look.
So pretty!!!

Janus, Heather and Kristy.
Ohhh to be young again and have perfect skin.

 Lisa is flawless.

And Ashley's  completed look.
Such a gorgeous girl.
Yes I may be bias, teehee.

And here is the make up artist at work.
"Emily" did an amazing job with the make up.

No pictures of me as I was the one with the camera.
Lisa brought her big boy camera, so there are plenty of pictures, but I am sure she will be editing them soon…I don't know how to edit, so you get what you see, lol.

I hope you all had a very creative day today :)

Tracy :)